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Who Plays AAU Basketball?
If you are thinking of playing AAU basketball you should already be pretty darn good for your own respective age/grade. This is not a training program. Most players who play AAU were starters for their own respective school or travel teams. In addition, find out what sort of playing time your player might get. We play all of our participants in all of our games, some teams won't play more then their top 7 or 8. Be careful and ask questions. Some groups will charge to have your player sit on the bench.
What is AAU basketball?
The AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball season typically takes place in the spring with various organizations (i.e. SHOOTING STARS) putting together All-Star teams for boys and girls in most age groups. Once we choose our ten man roster we try to practice twice a week during the month of March in preparation for tournament play. Normally we enter our teams in at least six to seven weekend tournaments starting the first part of April and concluding mid to late May. Some teams play more, some play less it just depends on how good your team is, how much money they have to spend and what other obligations your parents, players and coaches have.
Where & When?
After we have selected our teams we will practice during the month of March primarily at the sites which we tried out. If we need to add additional practices we will try our best to stay in close proximity to those locations. The tournaments which we play in are for the most part within and hour of northeast Ohio. Past locations include Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Cleveland, Massillon, Solon, Mansfield and Columbus if we do one overnight trip
All of our staff have strong basketball backgrounds with experience coaching junior high, high school and college teams. Part of your players fee goes toward paying our staff as we do our best to have as many non-parents coaching the teams as possible. Some exceptions do occur, for example I have a high school varsity coach who does have his son's team. He does a great job and is more than fair with everyone!

Each player will have a participation fee of ranging from $425.00 to $465.00. Those who are selected to a team will need to pay $200.00 non-refundable deposit right away. those who do not pay in full need to have their respective balances paid within 30 days of being selected. Any injuries which prohibit a player from completing the season will be considered on an individual basis. your fee is used to pay for tournaments, uniform, warm up shirt, practices, coaches stipend, insurance and administrative cost.

Grades 4-8 $425.00
Grades 9-10 $465.00

Can I be considered even though I can’t make the scheduled tryout? Yes, contact the coach for that age group and see if you can make special arrangements. 

When is the fee due? ASAP, at least 50% when we select you, 30 days net. No, we do not accept credit cards. Cash, money orders or checks with checks payable to Chris Marciniak or SSBC.

What is the schedule? Once teams have been picked we will try to practice twice a week in March. (Days depends on your coach) Beginning in April the teams will play weekend tournaments through the second or third weekend in May, (6-7 Events). We stay mostly local, normally within one hours drive of summit county, give or take. We would also play out of town one weekend in the spring. Possibly Columbus, Toledo, or Pittsburgh.

What if we have some conflicts along the way? Most families do have some over the course of the schedule so that’s normal. It is in the best interest of all players to make as many practices and games as possible. The more experience you have the better off you will be. We do play to win so we do want players who are committed and willing to make some sacrifice as well.  

Will playing time always be equal? No, but we will encourage each coach to make sure that all players play in all games. With ten players on a team most players should see about 50 % of the game time. If it’s crunch time in a close game I feel the coach should play who he/she thinks can help the team most. Remember, getting out of your pool is the key to getting extra games.

REFUNDS? Will be looked at on a case by case basis when it comes to injury or prolonged illness. Conflicts due to schedule changes, coaching philosophy or change of mind /interest will NOT be considered.


Contact us: Chris Marciniak Camp Director - Phone: 330-699-1234 E-mail: cmarciniak@neo.rr.com